Ok is the strongest creature ın undertale aus

DEF: Unlimited and can't take or control

ATK: One shot / Unlimited

HP: Unlimited / never can't kill or destroy

Fun Facts:

No one can destroy ok

Ok is not a sans

Ok doesn't have a specie

Ok is a unstopable god

Ok have saitama's powers and all undertale au's powers and all gods powers

Ok can fly

Ok have admin commands

Ok really really loves to drink milk

Ok's fav music is Skillet - Monster

Ok can destroy game world with one touch

Ok doesn't have a soul


No Form: ıf ok is get angry he transforms this form and worlds,galaxies,unnamed creatures will be destroyed if ok active this form

ULTRA KILL STRIKE: If Ok get mad he kills everyone with 9999999999999x combo

Ok Blasters: One shot kill and destroys enemy forever

No Blasters: Destroys enemy forever with no miss and enemy's relationships

Mega Ok Blasters: Just more bigger and more different powers than ok blasters

Mega No Blasters: Just more bigger and more different powers than no blasters


Ok is the most powerful creature in the galaxy

Ok is the twins with YinYang Sans

No one can touch ok

Ok can control everyones HP / DEF / ATK /Gender / Lv / Powers

Ok hates Storm Sans so much because Storm Sans attacked his twin (Yinyang Sans)
Ok have white strings just like Error Sans

Ok hates underlust sans (well shit xD)

Ok is little bit smarter than everyone

Ok is not so lazy

Nicknames: Unkown,Anonim,Oki

Gender: Male

Height: Same as dusttale sans

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